Little Trip in METU

Our instructors take us to experience the campus of the Middle East Technical University. We were expected to see, analyze and document the hinges and spatial relations.

Hinge is a new term for us; it is a different concept of connecting elements. It holds characteristics from both spaces that it connects. It enables to brake the enclosure or the continuity, so we can use it in our model too. It is special to one space therefore the usage of hinge actually is a sense because when we use too much it becomes ornament.  Moreover, gap and hinge is different design elements therefore we can differentiate them by looking at the scale which is very crucial in this concept.

Here are some different use of hinges in METU:

Spatial hinge is different from the hinges that we see above. It also holds characteristics from both spaces. For example, if we take ou8 May 2017 10_29_39 tarihinde Taranabilir Belget let’s say courtyard, spaces around it and their relations will change.



Besides hinges we went to METU to analyze the spatial relations. In Faculty of Architecture, we can experience the same spaces or relations in different elevations. They are the variation of each other. On the other hand, we can also feel different things in a same place. For example, Alley continues in same direction, but different spaces near it attaches to it or move away from it.









Field Invader CASE#2| Step 1&2

CASE#2- Step 1

We were expected to decompose the 2D image that we produced for Case#1- Step 1. We were asked to recompose it achieving different conditions of continuities and discontinuities. While working this, we should just focus on the changes in the level of transparency, should not consider the characteristics of the original image. The size of the pixels is again 5x5cm but this time the dimensions of the composition is 20x75cm.

Here is my work:


Step 2

We were assigned to make a cut and fold model by analyzing and referring the 2D composition which we produced in Step 1. This assignment was also aimed to abstract the information, therefore 1-1 correspondence was not necessary.