B2 House| Perspective Drawing

We were asked to draw a two point perspective drawing of a building that we are studying in M1.


B2 House|Section Drawing

We were expected to produce a section drawing of the plan of the building that we are studying for M1. The things that we cut are always drawn bolder than the things we see. As always, line weight and line quality have an utmost importance.

Field Invader CASE#2| Step 1&2

CASE#2- Step 1 We were expected to decompose the 2D image that we produced for Case#1- Step 1. We were asked to recompose it achieving different conditions of continuities and discontinuities. While working this, we should just focus on the changes in the level of transparency, should not consider the characteristics of the original image. The... Continue Reading →

Field Invader CASE#1|Step-2

We were assigned to produce a relief by considering the pixelated image that we have produced in Step 1. Relief is a condition which can target the differences between 2D picture plane and actual 3D form.  The order is created in 2D however, while demonstrating an attempt to free itself from two-dimensionality through accommodating three dimensional values.... Continue Reading →


We were assigned to work and produce a series of architectural representations of an architectural project of a well-known architect, both individually and in groups. This is the initial step of the project which we were asked to do a comprehensive research on it. The research which include all the drawings, photographs and information should guide us... Continue Reading →

Field Invader CASE#1|Step-1

We were expected to produce an abstract representation of the given area. While doing this, we were asked to repeat and vary conditions inherent to this image. We should pixelated the given image by changing the degree of transparency of each pixel separately or applying the same opacity level to a couple of pixels, where... Continue Reading →


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