Bonne Année à tous!🎄

I went to Marseille with my family for Christmas holiday. It was short but incredible break for me.




Beton Workshop

There was a workshop about concrete, which is organized by the our school’s Architecture and Design Society. The community invited C40 Design to explain how and where the concrete can be used.

We designed our boxes and then we filled the boxes with concrete. We mixed the cement, water and sica with our own hands. I think it was a good experience for us because for the first time we felt a material. Then, we waited them to dry and we exhibited the final products in our school’s underpass.



I can’t keep calm, I’m an architecture student

Hello! This is my first blog post, that’s because I’m so excited. First of all, I hope that I’m not the only new blogger who suffers from the first post. Why is it so hard to posting first time? While I was thinking about the answers of this question, I found myself hating the clichés like ‘Why study architecture?’. So then, I just want to introduce my blog and explain my feelings as a freshman. This blog is a place for me to showing my architecture journey and my experiences. Moreover, I will share my habits, opinions, feelings, failures, confusions or whatever you want to find about the daily life of an architecture student. Also, some personal and a bit informal posts would make me feel more comfortable therefore I’ll post such things too.