Image Hunt

We were assigned to take some photos in our daily lives. Our photos were expected to refer the title that our instructor demanded . Answer 1 Image 1= Repetition Image 2: Figure-ground Answer 2 Image 3/4= Asymmetrical Balance Answer 3 Image 5: different elements and variations, but a homogeneous grid Image 6:  similar elements, yet a complex rhythm

About the music

Born on August 25, 1918 in Massachusetts, U.S., Leonard Bernstein was a composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist. We were assigned to watch 'Leonard Bernstein: Young People Concerts| What does music mean?' While watching, we were expected to relate Bernstein's speech about music to design in terms of the concepts that we discussed. Here is... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Appendices

Architecture students have to be a knowledge about the architectural theory and also engage with it. Architectural theory includes diverse topics such as aesthetics, human behavior, etc. There are many forms of studying architectural theory; critics or 'juries', built works, written texts etc. In the university, we get familiar with the world of the architectural theory by... Continue Reading →

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