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Arch121|Ass06| Adolf Loos: Ornament and Crime

Born on December 10, 1870 in Brno, Adolf Loos was one of the most important pioneers of the modern movement in architecture. Loos had a major influence on the development of 20th century architecture with his writings rather than his buildings. He influenced some most important architects such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and many other modernists with his perception about the ornamentation. In 1908, he published his essay called ‘Ornament und Verbrechen’ which translated as ‘Ornament and Crime’.

Ornament and Crime is actually a manifesto which Loos strongly argued that use of ornamentation was a destruction of the society. Continue reading “Arch121|Ass06| Adolf Loos: Ornament and Crime”

Arch121|Ass05| Experiencing Architecture

Born on January 9, 1989 in Copenhagen, Steen Eiler Rasmussen was a Danish architect, urban planner and writer. He was a professor at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He was the author of London: The Unique City, Towns and Buildings and Experiencing Architecture.

This week we were assigned to read the first chapter of Experiencing Architecture. The first point that took my interest is the title of the book and I thought that the title gives to the reader a clue about what the book has to offer.

The first chapter is called Basic Observations which Rasmussen does a lot of comparisons between architecture and fine arts. He stated that an architect works with the form of mass just as a sculptor does or he works with the colors like a painter works. However, Continue reading “Arch121|Ass05| Experiencing Architecture”

Arch121|Ass04| Towards A New Architecture

1684669_Vers Une Architecture ready

He starts with a statement that ”The Engineer’s Aesthetic and Architecture–two things that march together and follow one from the other one at its full height, the other in an unhappy state of retrogression.” which refers the gap between the engineers and the architects. Although architecture and engineering have similar work field and concepts, one develops happily but the other one keeps failing. He states that unlike our engineers who are happy and active in their work, our architects are often unemployed and sad. Therefore, people living in houses are becoming demoralized. He even says that our engineers were also succesful architects who use mathematical calculations and who give us the feeling of harmony that one can sense with its eyes. Continue reading “Arch121|Ass04| Towards A New Architecture”

Arch121|Ass03| About the music

Born on August 25, 1918 in Massachusetts, U.S., Leonard Bernstein was a composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist.

We were assigned to watch ‘Leonard Bernstein: Young People Concerts| What does music mean?’ While watching, we were expected to relate Bernstein’s speech about music to design in terms of the concepts that we discussed. Continue reading “Arch121|Ass03| About the music”

Arch121|Ass01| Studios Handsbook and Reviewing Appendixes

TEDUArch Studios Handbook

I read the handbook of studios. Studio is a place that we contact with our friends. Working together in a same place help us to learn many things from each other. We can discuss our work freely and we make criticism about our works. Making mistakes and seeing each other’s mistakes help us to improve ourselves. I thought also that there is no single correct or false answer, ‘students will develop their individual approaches within a consistent, communicable, justifiable and improvable methodology.’ We need to produce, do some researches to evaluate ourselves day by day. Continue reading “Arch121|Ass01| Studios Handsbook and Reviewing Appendixes”