First Midterm

We were asked to produce the set of orthographic projections of House VI designed by Peter Eisenman from 3 views.

It was really hard for me to finish 3 views on time, I had timing problem and also the line quality was a problem to solve.

     giphy (1).gif


Axonometric Projection

By rotating the given object along one or more of its axes, we created an axonometric projection. Axonometric projection helps us to show the object more than one its side in the same image. Therefore, there are more relations that can be seen easily than orthographic projection.

We were assigned to draw an axonometric drawing of an object which was given in an orthographic manner.

Thematic Photo Essay

We were assigned to take photos and make a collage. We were expected to make a collage which should be studied on theme of ‘solid-void’.

What is solid-void? It’s actually not a defined theme; I meant that, it’s us who decided on what will be solid. Then, void comes; void depends on what we have selected as solid.

We were supposed to visit 5 specified places. These are some photos that I’ve taken:

And this was the collage that I’ve submitted for grading: