Final Jury – XYZ

Finally, final jury has arrived… It was the last jury of the tough and long semester. We were expected to produce a 3D construct with min 50 elements both planes and sticks. Our model should include all operations that we’ve learnt until this time. Different from the other step, we had a new operation called ‘thickness&texture’. As in the previous steps, we were expected to have a strategy and also the workmanship was of utmost importance.

We made a diagram, an orthographic projection of 3 sides of the model, an axonometric drawing and a poster.

Orthographic set:

axo en son.jpg
Axonometric drawing
ekinbaskentli final poster.jpg
The final jury poster

Second Pre-Jury

At this stage, we were expected to produce a 3D construct with approximately 50 elements both planes and sticks. We were discovered a new relation ‘tear&fold’ and also we were supposed to control 50 elements and their relations. The way we control them is our design concern.

And as usual, we made an orthographic set of our model.


First Pre-Jury

We were expected to produce a model by relating 25 elements,both planes and sticks. We were supposed to use new operations ‘scale&stretch’; so this time it’s us who decided on the dimension of the elements. Also, we supposed to develop a strategy to show our aim, therefore our strategy should be seen clearly on the model.

Moreover, we did an orthographic projection and a diagram to show the relation and to make our work clearer.



This assignment had 7 steps which were related to each other and aimed to understand how 3D construct can be formed step by step.

Step-1 We were asked to draw a grid of 36 x 36 cm, in which the intervals are same in both x and y directions. We decided on the intervals, I did 9x9cm.