Field Invader CASE#2| Step 1&2

CASE#2- Step 1

We were expected to decompose the 2D image that we produced for Case#1- Step 1. We were asked to recompose it achieving different conditions of continuities and discontinuities. While working this, we should just focus on the changes in the level of transparency, should not consider the characteristics of the original image. The size of the pixels is again 5x5cm but this time the dimensions of the composition is 20x75cm.

Here is my work:


Step 2

We were assigned to make a cut and fold model by analyzing and referring the 2D composition which we produced in Step 1. This assignment was also aimed to abstract the information, therefore 1-1 correspondence was not necessary.



Author: Ekin Baskentli

Hi everyone! I'm an architecture student in TED University.

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