Little Trip in METU

Our instructors take us to experience the campus of the Middle East Technical University. We were expected to see, analyze and document the hinges and spatial relations. Hinge is a new term for us; it is a different concept of connecting elements. It holds characteristics from both spaces that it connects. It enables to brake the enclosure... Continue Reading →

B2 House|Section Drawing

We were expected to produce a section drawing of the plan of the building that we are studying for M1. The things that we cut are always drawn bolder than the things we see. As always, line weight and line quality have an utmost importance.

Field Invader CASE#2| Step 1&2

CASE#2- Step 1 We were expected to decompose the 2D image that we produced for Case#1- Step 1. We were asked to recompose it achieving different conditions of continuities and discontinuities. While working this, we should just focus on the changes in the level of transparency, should not consider the characteristics of the original image. The... Continue Reading →

Field Invader CASE#1|Step-2

We were assigned to produce a relief by considering the pixelated image that we have produced in Step 1. Relief is a condition which can target the differences between 2D picture plane and actual 3D form.  The order is created in 2D however, while demonstrating an attempt to free itself from two-dimensionality through accommodating three dimensional values.... Continue Reading →

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